Maha and Delight Yoga present: Slow Down Yoga

We at Maha know that life can be stressful sometimes‭. ‬That’s why we would like to invite a lucky few of you to an unique workshop‭ ‬slow down yoga for a high intensity deadline driven lifestyle‭.‬

The event will be a combination of a zen yin-yoga class with a workshop by Shari Iskandar about how to reduce stress in this fast paced life‭. ‬

Come and join us on a spiritual adventure full of mindfullness‭, ‬self-discovery and empowerment‭.  

Sign up down below if you’d like to start the new year fresh and we might see you on Tuesday the 14th of January‭. ‬

You can enter the draw until Friday the 10th of January‭, 23:59. ‬Winners will receive an invite on Saturday the 11th of January‭. ‬

The event will be held on‭ ‬Tuesday the 14th of January‭ ‬from 1PM‭ - ‬5PM in a stunning yoga-studio in Amsterdam‭.