29 Oct 2019

Maha presents: the Air Jordan 1 Fearless Patent with Dewi Grootenboer

To celebrate the release of the new Air Jordan 1 Hi OG Fearless, we invited Dewi Grootenboer for a small talk and an illustrative approach on the new release.
Dewi is an illustrator and works at Maha, both in store and as an illustrator.
We spoke with her on illustrating and her art, and how a certain fearlessness is necessary is you want to do what you love.

Dewi is originally from Den Haag but also lived abroad, she lived in Indonesia and Singapore when she was little, only to later on return to the Netherlands together with her parents.
When she was starting her studytime, Dewi had to be fearless as well. While her parents wanted her to study economy or medicine, she wanted to go the Academy of Arts.
She chose her own path, even though her parents did not support her in her decision.
After a few years they noticed how happy Dewi was and that she actually was really good at what she did. That was the moment they admitted they were proud and happy she chose her own path.

We asked Dewi what inspired her to create and become an illustrator.
“What inspired me to create and tell stories through my illustrations have to be a certain art period, The Renaissance. They told stories through their art and that was something that inspired me to create.
When in need of inspiration I like to visit the Rijksmuseum, one of the most well-known museums in Amsterdam, showing a great collection of the Renaissance era. Other inspiration I tend to find in my daily life. Just bumping into stuff that inspire me, it can be anything. But mostly I take inspiration from current events, pop culture and friends.”
Other illustrators like Piet Parra or Takashi Murakami are also a big inspiration for her, as it shows possibilities that you can get there with hard work and dedication.

Social media plays an important role for Dewi, as it’s an important tool to show your work and get in contact with likeminded people who like your work. “The reach of social media is huge, as a starting artist, you can show your work to the whole world. You’ll find support in people you’ve never met or people that live on the other side of the world, that’s crazy! On the other hand you also have to have some fearlessness to show your babies to the world, as some people might not like it and will criticize it, you have to fearless to expose yourself in a vulnerable position.”

On a closing note we asked Dewi what she would tell other illustrators as a tip. “I would tell young illustrators to never stop creating, create things you like and put in hours. Research, sketch, think of what you would like to tell.”

Dewi is wearing the Air Jordan 1 Fearless Patent that will release upcoming Saturday, November 2nd. You can join our raffle here

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